I’m Afraid

“Vanessa: The Condensed True Hollywood Story”

I have more fears at 29 than I did at 6 years old. Yes, I finally came to terms with my shadow but living in fear sucks the fun out of life. My fears are a result of the PTSD from the explosion and others, I’m not sure…but I live with these fears everyday. We all do, and it’s okay to talk about them. I’m super talkative (think Shoshanna from HBO Girls, but with more profanity) THAT IS ME!



I’ve been blogging, tweeting, and gramming like a boss lately. What can I say? I love the camera. By the look of my photostream, yes, things look peachy but my life isn’t one long stream of smiling selfies and tasty bites thought it should be, am I right? *hi-five*

What’s missing from my Instagram pictures? Reality (and my true body proportions). My  fear of life. I am afraid of everything:PTSD  1 Vanessa 0. I stay away from crowded rooms because I fear I’ll fall down and injure my “good” hand. I fear being grabbed by random strangers, I fear cooking on electric stoves,…and much more.

I want you all to know that each picture has a hidden story that only the subject knows. Social media is great for capturing moments…but it’s not 100% reality. It’s 2 seconds of someone’s life. I admit it- Instagram has a way of altering my perception of reality. My stream of purses, unattainable shoes, coral reefs, ahh, it is nice to get lost in a day dream.

Just remember this post the next time you snap that perfect selfie, seconds before you drop your phone in the sink. I do it all for the selfie.

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