Coconut Banana Chia Ice Cream

I came across this recipe on a lovely vegan blog I just discovered- Naturally Meghan. My jaw dropped when I read that I could eat dessert for breakfast. DESSERT FOR BREAKFAST? Thank you, Meghan!

Many people go without breakfast because they don’t have time to cook in the morning. Well, problem solved. Coconut Banana Chia Ice Cream is quick to make and it’s packed with fiber and healthy fats.

You don’t have to follow my exact recipe but it’s a great starting point. I can see a chocolate coconut banana ice cream in my near future! Mmmm chocolate for breakfast (Homer voice.)

Coconut Banana Chia Ice Cream

Coconut chia banana ice cream


  • 2 ripe bananas, sliced and frozen overnight
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil (I use the 365 Whole Foods brand)
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk (I use So Delicious)
  • 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract
  • dash of cinnamon for garnish
  • fruit for garnish (I used pomegranate)


  1. Mix bananas and coconut milk in a food processor or a powerful blender for 40 seconds
  2. Add remaining ingredients. Mix until everything is incorporated and you have a soft serve ice cream consistency
  3. Garnish with fruit and a dash of cinnamon


It’s that easy. If you have a high-quality food processor, you don’t need anything more than the bananas to make a bowl of ice cream. But it’s so much fun to experiment. Give it a go!



What Do Successful People Eat For Breakfast?


Ever wonder what First Lady, Michelle Obama, eats every morning? How about superstar Justin Timberlake or star-athlete LeBron James?

Watch my friend Sam’s video to find out!


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Food Stories

Only four days into the month of June and I sit here at my computer reflecting on everything that happened in the last month.

I formed my own little LLC, interviewed a world-renowned chef (more on that to come in a few weeks), launched my first blog, and oh yes, I entered my first food photography contest and guess what? I WON! Can you believe it?

I am a newbie in the blogging world and an amateur food photographer so I cannot express how excited and thrilled I am to have placed 1st in the Food Stories Blog May Photo Contest. The winning photo of my breakfast tartine comes with a funny story.

Breakfast Tartine

What started out as a simple breakfast turned into a messy debacle. It took me 6 tries until I finally cooked a perfect, sunny-side up egg. One egg ended up on the floor, another made its’ way comfortably in between my toes, oh and another somehow landed on the side of Mr. WAMC’s shiny red Le Creuset tea kettle. Oops. My bad.

Despite all that, I’m proud.¬†Did I win a trip to Europe? No. Millions of dollars? Nope. Placing 1st in this contest does not make me believe that I am the best food photographer out there because, well, I know I’m not. But it does reassure me that I made the right choice back in April to resign from my job and pursue my dreams and that is the best prize I could ever receive…oh and $25.00 haha

Thank you to everyone who voted.

In other news…

I’m flying to Austin, Texas Thursday morning for the BlogHer Food 2013 Food Conference. I cannot wait to tell you all about it. The conference doesn’t start until Friday but since I’m arriving a day early, I’ll be¬†attending the Bites & Bloggers event at the Whole Food’s flagship store in downtown Austin. I can’t wait to share each and every detail with y’all (you see what I did there? haha)

Thanks for reading and again, thank you to everyone who voted for my photo.



Breakfast Tartine